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If you're looking to get behind the wheel of a sleek new FIAT, but aren't sure how to pay for it yet, we can help! The team at Hunter FIAT can help you find the best terms and deals for your budget. We'll work with your credit score, but whether leasing or financing is best for you depends on your lifestyle and what you want out of your next vehicle. Research the pros and cons below before 

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Pros & Cons of Leasing vs Buying a FIAT from our Palmdale, CA FIAT Dealership

Benefits Leasing Buying
Ownership x
Lower Down Paymentx
Lower Monthly Paymentx
No Mileage Limit x
Vehicle Customization x
Easier Trade Inx

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The traditional way of buying a car is to finance. If you plan to keep your car for a long time and tend to wear it down, buying may be the better option. Financing allows you to own the car outright, its other benefits include owning the car outright once the payments are finished. But financing has its drawbacks. It requires a significant down payment, higher monthly payments, and you're open to market fluctuations.

In many ways leasing is similar to financing, but you're only financing the depreciation for the lease term (usually 3 years). This means that your monthly payments are much less, and you can afford to get a nicer car than if you were buying. And they can require anywhere between zero and a few thousand down. The cost of ownership is more predictable with a lease. And with the warranty, you don't need to pay for basic maintenance and repairs. But leasing also has its drawbacks, such as mileage overage fees, you don't own any equity in the car, and you need to return the car to the dealer at the end of your term.

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The best purchasing option for you depends on what you want to get out of your car, your lifestyle, and financial situation. If you're not sure, just contact the finance experts at Hunter FIAT in Lancaster, California! We're happy to help. And be sure to check our site for FIAT specials, an online finance application, and a payment estimator to help you budget. We look forward to serving you!

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