Flat Towing your FIAT Vehicle



Flat Towing Your FIAT Vehicle

Did you know that you can flat tow your FIAT vehicle? Take your FIAT vehicle on your next road trip or move with a simple flat towing hookup to your motorhome or second vehicle!

FIAT vehicles are ideal companion for motorhome towing. Models like the FIAT 500 and  FIAT 500L offer spry mobility in a compact package that's well-suited for winding drives through the mountains or busy city streets. Add a new level of fun and excitement to your vacation when you bring your FIAT vehicle along for the ride!


Benefits of Flat Towing

Towing your FIAT vehicle with all four wheels on the ground allows your tires to wear evenly and requires only a tow-bracket to do so. The FIAT 500 series is remarkably lightweight, so you'll be able to safely carrying more cargo and more passengers. The FIAT 500 starts at a curb weight of 2,366-lbs, while the largest FIAT model, the FIAT 500L, has a maximum curb weight of 3,254-lbs. No matter which FIAT vehicle you choose, you'll love the freedom of lightweight Italian engineering!


How to Flat Tow Your FIAT Vehicle

Flat towing is suitable only for manual transmission vehicles. Flat tow vehicles must be placed in neutral for safe towing.  To test drive one of our manual transmission FIAT vehicles or simply exploring the motorhome towing option that's best suited for your RV, visit our Lancaster, CA FIAT dealership


Caution - Do not flat tow any vehicle with an automatic transmission. Damage to the drive-train will result. If these vehicles require towing, make sure all drive wheels are OFF the ground.